Monday, August 27, 2012

Past few days

Going back to Saturday...

Saturday was a great day. It was Andrew's last day of overtime. He had been working a lot and pretty much was only home to eat dinner and sleep. So it's nice to have things back to normal now. Saturday morning we went to the bank. Kids got stickers. For some reason, Mason thinks that the sticker's belong over your mouth- not on your shirt. Somedays, I think I should invest in a lot of stickers for when he's being sassy ;)

We went to lunch at Applebee's with Sarah. (Mason's favorite!) We had a great lunch. But poor Sarah almost got chocolate milk spilled on her more times than we could count. Emma was being so clumsily and just making such a mess. The poor server told me I was brave for taking my kids out to eat. She said she doesn't take her kids which are the same age as mine out to eat. That's surprising to me. My kids go where I go for the most part.  I couldn't imagine having to stay cooped up in the house afraid of taking my kids places. They are no angels but they won't learn if they aren't taken places. And what fun is that?

After we ate we went and checked out the new bed, bath, and beyond. Let me just say, I found my new favorite store. :) 

So we came home, kids took naps, and then we went tool shopping with Andrew. We stopped at the frosty frog before hand and the kids got slushies. Let me just say this... NEVER AGAIN. lol I will never get them slushies before taking them shopping. I was that Mom with the uncontrollable kids that just run up and down the aisles and people giving me the "look". lol They weren't hurting anything just playing tag. haha. After Lowes, we went to Sears and I learned my lesson and put them both in a shopping cart. I saw a lot of past co-workers... glad they are doing well. 

After shopping we went to Bradley and Tela's for Westy's birthday party. We had pizza and just had a fun time. Kids are obsessed with ice so they were playing in the cooler eating ice. 
And who doesn't love cake?!

On to Sunday...
We got up and went to church. It was a great service. Pastor Mike did a great job preaching. Music was beautiful as always. Kids had a blast in their classes. We came home and took naps and I went back in to help with Quizzing. Then I met Andrew and the kids at Granny's house. Andrew mowed her grass and Chris and I just sat outside chatting with her while the kids played and ran their little hearts out. They were playing in the garden running through the corn. It brought back so many memories as a kid. Playing with Brandon, Chris and Brey in the garden was always a highlight in the summer time. Seems so long ago but such great memories. Reminds me of the days of "helping" pick beans with Granny and Papaw. I remember playing with the soaking beans in the wheel barrel,  helping break the beans and sitting out by the wood house and throwing beans back and forth with Papaw. Granny would get so mad. :)  It's crazy to think how long he's been gone with the memories still so fresh and vivid in my mind. I pray I never forget. I pray that as my children grow up they can have the precious memories with their grandparents. My memories are filled with my Granny and Papaw. They have always been such a big part of my life and even though Papaw has been gone for long time now, there still isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him. Granny talks about him often lately and I know she misses him terribly. She's such an incredible woman.

Anyways, back to the kids playing. Granny has this fake black bird in her garage. She found it a few weeks ago while cleaning. Well Mason is absolutely terrified of this thing. And it's just the funniest thing. So every so often while we're over there Mason we'll get the bird out and just set it somewhere and wait for Mason to see it. (I know, I know, we are terrible) Here's a pic of him running from the garage, all the way behind the garage to the garden to hid. hehehe

You can barely see him but he's in there. :)

Well as you can see we had a great weekend. I love family time and love having Andrew be finished with over time even though the paychecks were great. We're going to be looking at a few houses this week with our Realtor. Fingers crossed we find something. 

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