Friday, August 31, 2012

Busy week

Tuesday was Mason's open house for preschool. He was so excited to go and see his teachers. He can't wait until Tuesday. Emma loved being there too. She was playing with everything and she was upset she had to leave. I think she'll love preschool next year. It's crazy to think Mason will be in kindergarten and Emma will be going into preschool. Mason will be riding the bus this year to preschool. He begged me all last year to let him ride so he's looking forward to riding this year.

I started school on Wednesday... wish I could say it was good to be back. LOL It was the most boring class ever. Hopefully it gets better. I'm ready for this quarter to be over already.

I went to the doctor yesterday. I had blood work done to check my thyroid and such and everything was fine. I have to go see a GI doctor. He said I have colitis and possibly crohn's disease and wants to rule out colon cancer even though he said it's very rare for women to get. *eye roll*  So yay me. I can't wait to have to have a stupid scope done. -_-  If it's not one thing, it's another. The only thing I'm worried about is that dumb bill ;)

It's labor day weekend. We're having a cookout with my family on Sunday. I look forward to that. I guess I better take the kids to cedar point sometime this weekend. The season is almost over. Get more use of our passes.

Are we the only ones around here that has a million flies? OMG. I kill so many flies everyday. It's so disgusting. I'm ready for fall. I love fall weather. I think fall is my favorite season. I so look forward to pumpkins, apple cider, Halloween for the kids, and thanksgiving. Such a great time of the year.

I don't have any pics to share. I've been slacking this week. I'll update again in the few days :)

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